The best there is in credit building.
We do the work. You get the credit! No fees, lower interest rates, and banked in the USA See Disclosure

How It Works

The CreditUp by 5Star credit building account combines a secured installment loan and savings account which builds both credit history and a savings account.

  • Easy Application Process

    • Submit your name, email address along with a temporary password to log into your CreditUp account.
    • After logging in to your account on the CreditUp dashboard, enter basic personal information and bank details (if you choose to make your monthly payment with a direct debit via ACH from your bank account,) select your plan and consent to an e-sign disclosure.
  • Pick your plan

    • Minimum Loan Amount $500 to Maximum Loan Amount $1200
    • Terms: 12 months, 18 months, 24 months
    • Low Interest Rate
    • Administrative Fees - $0
  • Watch your savings and credit score grow

    • Enter how much money you’d like to save over the term you choose, and CreditUp calculates your total loan amount and monthly payment. Your first payment and monthly thereafter will be due 30 days past the day your CreditUp account was created.
    • Funds from your CreditUp loan will be placed in a savings account in your name. This savings account will be used as the collateral for your loan. Your savings account cannot be accessed until the total loan amount is paid in full. After you have made all loan payments and you have paid the loan in full, you can decide to keep the funds in your savings account or request to close your savings account and have the funds sent to you.
    • View your current credit score and monitor your credit.
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